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First Pour: A Love Story

November 3, 2016

I began my fascination with wine in college when I bought my first bottle of Hardy’s shiraz at the deli. I was in my last year of University and I thought it might be a good time to stop forcing myself to drink beer- which was a Uni staple and definitely wean out of scotch, as that was just a big headache all around. My taste for scotch was opened up at the tender age of 7, when my dad let me have a sip of his scotch. He had a beautiful crystal decanter in my parent’s room full of a fascinating amber coloured  liquid that my sister and I would open and sniff. In the years after University, scotch was my drink of choice on nights out as I found the mixers of vodka to be a waste of calories, plus, I loved its smoky taste. I never really moved up in the world of scotch and just stuck to the affordable JW Black and then Double Black when that came out. All of a sudden I stopped cold turkey to loose weight for my wedding.

When it came time to choose wedding wines, I was at a complete loss and left it to my husband. I was more concerned about getting bottles of Gin for my friends who were flying in from London to decide what a good wine was. Plus, my husband’s knowledge of wine was far greater than mine.

I drank champagne the entire night of my wedding and everything else was a beautiful blur. I think I drank champagne and sour apple martini’s for two months until one day I realised I was becoming really bloated from all the honeymoon booze. The pouch on my tummy turned out to be a little baby ,( hooray I wasn’t fat!).

After having my first baby is probably when we started to explore the world of wine. After living clean and eating only the purest organic-everything for almost two years, the idea of corrupting my system with hard liquor was unthinkable. I would stop in a wine shop that carried half bottles before heading home. At the time, I thought it was cute to pay P1800 and up for a half bottle of wine. I had zero knowledge and when the wine shop staff would asked what I liked, I would say- something fruity…that’s all I knew. I could barely pronounce the names of the little French bottles I bought. When my husband saw them he flipped, telling me there were perfectly good whole bottles for the same price. This is when he held my hand and took me to a wine shop, and began my education in wine.

My interest in wine stemmed from love of my husband. My husband loves good food, more than that, he loves a hearty meal with a glass of good wine. Seeing him satisfied with the fare I prepared makes my heart swell. We would sit at the dinner table and tell eachother about our day over a bottle of wine. After the kids had gone to sleep, we could continue talking and finishing the bottle in the bedroom. My husband is at work all day, while my line of work as an editor allows me to spend time with the kids and manage the household. Dinner and subsequent wine drinking at the end of the day was what I look forward to the most. Of course we realized that everyday drinking was making us put on weight so we decided to have selected “wine days” . I love wine days.

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