Lip Service

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…

October 22, 2016

Rather than entering into poetic odes about bottles of wine I have always found it more apt to think of each wine as a person in a cocktail party. There are the first impressions. The approach, the style, the look, the first contact … then the conversation that ensues in which their individual personality can shine. Aggressive? Sophisticated? Mysterious? Serious? Complex? Fresh? Affable?

Then comes that crucial moment during the cocktail party schmoozing hour where a decision has to be made: do we continue in this person’s company? Or move on to the next? Have we decided that perhaps this one is worth getting to know more, perhaps becoming a friend or more? Or was it just worth a little flirt? And in some cases (like warm, supermarket chardonnay) you are looking for the first excuse to make a quick exit. “Have you seen where the restroom is?” The evening continues and more often than not you’ve made at least one new friend — a reliable standby whose charm made the entire fete just a little more pleasant.

As with any party there is also the post-event. Did that person leave an everlasting mark? Will you make an effort to get in touch? Or chalk it up to an ephemeral moment? Even the following day the effects still linger. Are you waking up with fond memories leaving you rosy-cheeked, or with a bitter aftertaste and a tremendous headache? There are also those “coyote uglies” — delicious and delightful at the moment but leaving you miserable the next morning. Yes, I’ve had one too many of those. Cheap and cheerful ice-cold rosé anyone?

So whether or not you have a certificate in wine tasting or just love to get buzzed on pumped up grape juice, this approach I find is so relevant and is a fairly simple way to decide whether a wine is good or not. Yes it’s completely subjective but hey! You’re the one that’s drinking it after all… Who cares if Robert Parker says it’s amazing, if the wine is kind of like a Brad Pitt – technically perfect with his golden hair, glowing skin and countless awards and nominations but rubs you the wrong way and well leaves you with an awful headache and heartache (poor Angie)… Let’s face it. You won’t drink it ever again.

Cheers to more bottles of Matt Damon and Julia Roberts! And the occasional sexy Michael Fassbender….


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