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Meet Besay

February 1, 2017

Oh because we thought our little girly wine blog could use some testosterone, I’d like to introduce to you one of my favorite people in the wine industry – Besay Gonzalez. This Spaniard knows his stuff and isn’t too snobby to share his thoughts. I find that many learned wine drinkers get caught up in a lot of wino jargon but Besay has the talent to speak to anybody about any bottle. From a fresh and cheerful NZ Sauvignon Blanc to a really special Priorat or fancy Bordeaux, he always remains cheerful, honest and friendly. On more than one occasion he’s candidly told us “Don’t bother with that bottle, it’s disappointing. This one is much better and better value.” Urging us to swap a more expensive bottle of  Bordeaux for a more affordable Amiral de Beychevelle of a better vintage.

He has the good fortune to work for Txanton, sister company of AWC. The two are all about good quality and products made with passion. Juana and I have made Txanton our unofficial HQ, drinking far more bottles than we actually intend to write about. After so many wine dinners together and frequent squatting sessions at Txanton, I’ve come to think of Besay as a good friend and I’m delighted to have him on board as a regular monthly contributor to Juana and I love him so much we made a special manly wine lips logo just for him!

Check out his very first post on Haut Brian 1983 under his masthead – Complexity over Body.


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