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Crate&Barrel and Wine-Lips: Wine and Cheese Event

February 10, 2017

Our 2017 started off with a bang as we partnered with Crate and Barrel for a Valentine’s Day themed wine and cheese event inspired by Stephanie’s tradition with her hubby of foregoing Valentine’s festivities and opting for a night in with a rocking bottle of wine and some cheese. Our friends at Beringer and Arla were kind enough to supply us with copious amounts of wine and a variety of delicious cheeses.

Crate and Barrel offers a dizzying array of items for entertaining, our favorites being the areas for glasses and plates! We provided our guests with our guide to choosing stemware, which we are sharing here.

We had a lot of fun picking out a selection of wines from Beringer that we wanted our guests to try. Ultimately we ended up choosing five wines that we felt best showed off the essence of the California brand that our guests would love as much as we did. Pictured below is our guest of honor Tessa Prieto Valdez with Kathy Yao of Happy Living, who imports and distributes Beringer here in the Philippines.


The Founder’s Estate Cabernet Sauvignon is the essence of California. Its big fruit forward flavors and deep red color make it for easy drinking and packs a punch. We think of it as a bodacious Hollywood babe, bright and juicy.

The Founder’s Estate Zinfandel is iconic for California, as it’s only found here. Zinfandel is sometimes regarded as a heavier grape compared to the Cabernet Sauvignon, but offers more complexity. It hits the palette with a bang but finishes softly and elegantly. Kind of like a well established movie star who’s a bit older, a bit more mature, not your usual silicon boobed trying hard to please actress, but someone who is comfortable in her own skin and is unapologetic about who she is and what her talent is. Perhaps a Barbara Streisand?

The Quantum is a complex blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petite Syrah and Malbec. The rich dark cherry, espresso, leather and tobacco notes reminded us of a mysterious, tall dark and handsome guy. One of those who walk into a party with an attractively serious look on his face, brooding by a corner.


The Founder’s Estate Chardonnay is rich and oaky, a big bold white wine that is a crowd pleaser and is great at anytime of the day. Last but not least, we served the Founder’s Estate Sauvignon Blanc, a crisp white that is easily paired with great Asian food and beautiful citrusy seafood. These are like your favorite friends, the ones you can put in any situation. They are super friendly, uncomplicated and easygoing, you know that you can sit them next to anyone in a party and they’ll get along!


We gave a little talk about wine, gathering on the aptly cozy living room set up of Crate and Barrel. Guests had a chance to build their own cheeseboards which brought out healthy competition in them, sending them racing across the store gathering different elements from around Crate and Barrel. They were not satisfied with laying out cheeseboards but created editorial and window display worthy set ups.


We had three teams and boy was it difficult to choose just one winner, so in the end, everyone went home with a prize! Here is the spread of the team of Naomi Pescheux, Bambi Camus and Marco Torres. It was inspired be rustic nights together, chatting with friends.


This chic and feminine spread was done by Rocio Olbes and Nicole Whisenhunt, whose design backgrounds gave them an extra edge.


We also love this set-up by Tom Castañeda and Rachelle Medina from Real Living Magazine. They were inspired by small condo living and a couple who most likely celebrate Valentine’s Day lounging by their coffee table. It also has some asian touches like the orchids and the recurring “fan” theme.


We also had three winners from our IG contests: Tina Pamintuan, Cai Moreno, Vicki Abary and Tessa Prieto Valdez for their witty captions and funny boomerangs. Everyone took home great prizes like a full selection of Arla Cheeses, a bottle of wine and a bottle opener from Beringer, glasses and a carafe from Crate and Barrel.


We asked our guests a question; “Why do wine and cheese go so well together?” While all gave valid answers, it was the country manager of Arla, Jens Christian Krog Nielsen, who gave the best answer. “Wine and cheese go well together because they are cozy, or hygge in Danish” Nielsen, explained. “Good, real, unprocessed cheese is a living thing, each package is unique, just like wine. And when two good products come together there are stories you can tell and people can communicate and share. That’s what hygge is all about.”


Our guests picked away at the sumptuous cheese selection that Arla provided. Arla prides itself in being a premium dairy brand that is all natural and made with real whole milk. The beautiful cheese boards were wiped out by our guests. Crowd favorites were the Havarti varieties- the jalapeno and herb and spices. They also loved the melty Castello Brie that Stephanie made with some cognac, honey, dried fruit and nuts.


Top Left: Naomi Pescheux, Rocio Olbes-Ressano, Nicole Whisenhunt; Top Right: With Stephanie and Juana, Kathy Yao of Happy Living and Beringer and Jens Christian Krog Nielsen of Arla; Bottom Left: Ona Chung and Karina Santiago of Crate and Barrel, Vicki Abary, and Janna Simpao of BrideandBreakfast; Bottom Right: Kai Moreno, Tali and Jackie Antonio, Tanya de la Paz.

It was such a fun afternoon and such a great way to start our Wine-Lips year! Thank you so much to all our friends who came, to Arla for the amazing cheese, to Happy Living for the delicious Beringer wine selection and of course to our friends over at Crate and Barrel for organizing and hosting us!

Last but not the least: Ladies and Gents! Crate and Barrel is offering a promo code for our readers for 20% off all regular priced items in the store from today up to the 14th of February. So go out there and buy your valentines gifts for your loved ones or for yourself! Just sign up at any Crate and Barrel store and mention the code: WL2217

Here are more photos of the event! Macky Fan and Tricia Centenera, Kai Moreno and Vicki Abary



This super nice set up!Cheese galore and overflowing wine! We love how Crate and Barrel really allows you to use all their things! Someone even bought the table! I’m pretty sure it was because he thought it looked amazing with all that food and wine on it.


Juana with Tin Moreno, and Cat Varona with Rosanna Ocampo. Below is Sigrid Villamil and Crate and Barrel’s Jane Dee with Stephanie and Juana. Real Living’s Tom Castañeda with Ona Chung and Karina Santiago.


Cheers everyone! Hope you all have a wine filled weekend! Don’t forget to visit the Crate and Barrel store to register for your discount! WL2217 and get 20% off all regular priced items! only till February 14!


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