Haut Brion 1983

February 1, 2017

Let’s talk about Complexity over Body

I’d like to talk about this… I can’t avoid it as it’s always a question when buying wines. I had been working in the wine industry for 7 years now and I still find that the same criteria applies when purchasing wine… body over complexity.

What are we looking for? The taste? Spices? Texture and body? Aroma? Or, are we looking for magic? That’s what magicians do when everybody is expecting an awesome trick… one that nobody else can do… you get surprised… you don’t expect what you see… talking about wine is not very far from this because we are searching for something that surpasses what we have drunk before.

And the magic comes with the situation, the environment, the company and the hit of the wine… the expectations from the drinkers when they get the pouring on their glasses… and the wine evolving into the glass, or in the early bottle opened or while it is in the decanter, before it’s finally over…


Here we go. Haut Brion 1983 is the wine I want to talk about because this vintage has been forgotten versus 1982 which is highly rated in Bordeaux. Margaux drinkers know that time has made 83’ more powerful and durable than 82’. However, still the rest of the 1st growth wines (Latour, Lafite, Mouton and Haut Brion) are on the top for this vintage. And the years are what make possible an awesome complexity over body… unique weather condition with great performance of the soil help develop an excellent bunch of grapes which are then selected and picked carefully in order to make such a super wine which will last for plenty of decades.


Lovers of wine who taste Haut Brion 1983 will tell you good structure, sweet and oaky cherries, smoke and leather bouque to describe the wine.. The reality is I drank this wine in a very simple wine glass and I squeezed until the last drop.

Then I reached home and I thought, the wine was awesome but still the company made it better! Complexity is not only the perfection of the wine but also the environment and excitement while drinking it. This is all about feelings.

If you want to check for other wines cost-efficient from Pessac-Leognan area, aside from the well-known Smith Haut Lafite, Haut Bailly, Domaine de Chevalier and Pape Clement, I would like to mention the always friendly “Malartic Lagraviere” with its very reasonable second wine “La Comte de Malartic”.. and the affordable but not less successful than the rest, our dearest “Clarendelle” inspired by Haut Brion!



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