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Overheard: What People Say About Wine When No One Is Looking

January 25, 2017

At Wine-Lips.com, we believe that all opinions on wine are all valid and based on personal tastes. There are some instances, however,  where opinions are loudly proclaimed, especially after two or three glasses!


A tepanyaki chef at an ultra high end Kobe beef restaurant in Tokyo and his guest. From what we gathered, the chef is also a trained sommelier from his previous job in London and knows his stuff. 


Guest: ( Holding a burgundy form 1982) Let’s open a restaurant together.


Chef: I have no money to invest…


Guest: I have money… you just cook and taste the wines. Come, have a glass of this beautiful wine with me.


Chef: ( taking a sip) its beautiful. I will save the rest of the glass for my colleague, he will never have a chance in his life to try this.


Guest: Oh? Well next time I come ill bring more bottles.I have cases of this you know.



At a wine bar in Tokyo:


“ Robert Parker? Too commercial after 2000. Don’t believe him.”


At a wine sale. Two men browsing the shelves:

“Oh look, this area has the Chateau Neufs….”

“ Hmm, Chateau Neuf de Pape? Wag yan, amoy ebak.”


At a girly lunch:

“ I like wine, I feel prettier when I drink it.”


At a wine store: 

( Sales associate offering a bottle of wine to customer)

What? What does that say? How do you say that? Oh gosh, I don’t deserve to drink that. I can’t even say it!

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