Smooth Sailing: Château La Conseillante 2004

November 15, 2016

Looking at the rich label of a bottle of La Conseillante gives you an idea of what to expect inside. It looks rich, lush, and luxurious. I was searching for a good wine to bring home to my husband one particular night. We had opened a string of underwhelming bottles—wasting calories—and I had wanted to correct that. I got in touch with Cliff Lichaytoo of Bacchus, whom I often bug for advice. He sent me to his Shangri-La Makati store to check out what he had in his cellar. After we spoke on the phone for a few minutes, Cliff had a Eureka moment. He told me to ask for the 2004 La Conseillante. He said that this should be drinking very well by now and that it was one of his personal favorites. I remember him saying “it should be so smooth by now!” And urged me to let him know what I thought of it.

When pouring this wine into the decanter, I saw just how luscious it looked. Its smell was incredible, like a fruit bomb effect of a Napa Cab but with out the Ribena-too sweet effect. I couldn’t help but take a sip right away. It was sooo smooth, like sailing on smooth seas. No dry taste in your mouth or snags in the back of your throat either. The first sip hits you like a fruity Napa Cab as well, but quickly evolves in your mouth for a long finish. It’s heavy-bodied, but not the heavy that makes you feel full and gross… just heavy enough, and then later transforms to a medley of flavors, including anise and herbs. Its forward juicy bouquet also later transforms into a perfume of blackberry. I love the color of the wine, and color of the logo, so much so that it inspired me to buy a palette of purple eyeshadows from Mac, with the same deep purples that reminded me of this wine. This never turned too earthy or barnyard-y, like many Bordeaux do after a while, just the right amount that made it a smooth choice all they way.


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