Buttery Birthday Treat: Brewer-Clifton, Mount Carmel 2010

October 4, 2016

I rarely drink white wine, mostly because it makes me acidic. But on the occasion of my birthday in 2015, I decided to get a bottle for my girlfriends who only drink Chardonnay. For some reason, white wine is a hit with one particular group of girl friends.

The first thing I noticed about Brewer-Clifton was its rich golden color. Very light white wines look acidic to me and are not up my alley. Once this breathed a little in my glass, it was smooth and buttery, with layers of fruit and flowers that opened with every sip. Apricots and pears came out in the sweetest way possible, and complimented the truffle fries I was eating with this glass. It was also rich enough for the other girls to keep drinking this the whole night with their meat dishes.

This is still the only white wine I buy up when I see it, mostly because its harder to find the older years. There’s only a few whites that I can safely say I love. But perhaps the next step is to work on loving whites.


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